Turning Rock seeks to make long-term investments in debt and equity securities of North American small and mid capitalization businesses. The Firm believes there is a growing supply of illiquid assets for sale in the market driven by a challenging macroeconomic environment, ongoing volatility, global bank deleveraging and increased complexity. The investment strategy seeks to exploit the void that has been created by the current regulatory environment as banks have stepped away from acquiring and lending against more illiquid types of assets.


Turning Rock will focus on transactions involving stressed and distressed illiquid opportunities as well as undervalued, cash flowing and asset-backed debt and equity investments.   The firm’s target investment size ranges from commitments of $10 million to $50 million.  The Fund will seek to acquire the following asset types:

(i) Structured Equity which may include private equity with debt-like or preferred structures

(ii) Asset Portfolios which may include asset-based pools, claims, non-performing loans, and financial assets

(iii) Special Situation Debt.  These long-term investments will focus on North American operating businesses and will have a duration of 2 to 5 years.